Broadcast Television

Our broadcast documentary productions have screened on The ABC, SBS, The National Geographic Channel and sold to networks around the world.

Blue Planet Heroes

A series of short films about heroic people working for our environment and the future of our blue planet. National Geographic Channel Worldwide.

Blue Planet Heroes was established to encourage and support independent film producers around the world and give them a platform from which they can produce and exhibit their documentaries.
The Blue Planet Heroes Special hosted by Peter Garrett showcases a selection of the finalist’s work.

Screened to 53 million households in 64 countries and translated into 12 languages.

The Sacred Stones

Winner of The UN Media Peace Award Special Commendation for Aboriginal Reconciliation. Screened on SBS as part of NAIDOC week.

A powerful story of reconciliation. The return of the stone, taken in the 1950s to mark the grave of Flying Doctor founder John Flynn.

Orphans of the Forest

Screened on the ABC and sold to networks around the world.

The film raised awareness of the endangered orangutans
and their vanishing habitat in Kalimantan, Indonesia.

The Martyrs of Timor

Screened on the ABC TV’s Compass program.
The tragic story of the courageous nuns, priests and seminarians who gave their lives in the struggle for East Timorese independence.

The Teacher, The Dalai Lama n Exile

Screened on the ABC TV’s Compass program.
The story of the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, the Tibetan government in exile, Buddhism and the role of religion in the modern world.

More Orphans Of The Forest Info

Orangutans are our closest primate relative. Orangutans and humans share 97% of their genetic make-up and yet orangutan numbers are in steady decline and continually under threat from illegal pet and souvenir trade and the loss of natural habitat. Orphans of the Forest, tells the moving story of the plight of the orangutans and of the ecologist, Dr Willie Smits, who is risking his own life in a desperate attempt to save this precious species.

Dr Smits founded the Wanariset forestry research station in 1985 and the Wanariset Orangutan Re-introducation centre in Indonesia in 1991. His work has made him a great many enemies, especially amongst those who have been exploiting the rainforest for logging and illegal trade in orangutans. He has received many death threats, his dogs have been killed, members of his staff have been shot, attacked with machetes and chainsaws and they tried to burn down his house with his family inside. His family is now in hiding.

Orphans of the Forest focuses on Dr Smits’ remarkable relationship with Uce. The first orangutan he rescued, the first he released back to the wild and also the first to have a baby. He found her close to death on a garbage dump in Balikpapan. He performed a tracheotomy to get her breathing, injected fluids and massaged her for days to get her to hang on. She will never forget what he did for her.

When the two were reunited, she was so happy to see him and so proud of her new baby. She wanted to share her most valuable possession with him.

The Wanariset Orangutan Re-introducation centre is at Samboja 38km from Balikpapan in East Kalimantan. It is a joint venture between the Balikpapan Orangutan Survival Foundation and the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry. They are currently caring for 218 sick and orphaned orangutans and have release nearly 300 back into the protected Sungai Wain and Meratus rainforests.

Dr Smits’ work has led to the creation of new legislation governing the preservation of the orangutan and the rainforest in Kalimantan. He seizes many orangutans, illegally kept as pets, or traded by smugglers and poachers some rescued and returned from Europe, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Over the last decade orangutan numbers in Indonesia have decreased by 80%. He is fighting to

preserve the endangered orangutan and their rainforest habitat.

The orangutan is an integral part of the rainforest eco-system. Through eating, then spreading seeds through excrements the orangutan is directly responsible for the propagation of many rainforest plant species. 60% of the world’s medicines are derived from the rainforests, if you lose the forest you will lose this valuable bio-diversity.

Dr Smits has created joint venture sustainable agricultural projects with local people that were previously wood thieves. One project established a sugar palm plantation with 10 local families. This has been a huge success these families are now successful farmers and have made enough money to buy land and put their children through school. They no have made enough money to buy land and put their children through school. They no longer need to steal timber, kill orangutans for food or steal baby orangutans to sell on the black market.

“A heartbreaking yet hopeful documentary about the efforts of ecologist Willie Smits to save the endangered orang-utans.” Debi Enker

The Age Green Guide

“It is an inspiring story not just of conservation but of one man’s love for the primate that started it all.” Herald Sun

“This program is so special you could cry, not only for the babies, but also for the fact that hope survives.” Jenny Dillon

Weekend Australian

Television Commercials

We have produced television commercials for advertising agencies and directly for clients.

Working with high definition digital video, we create high quality and affordable tv commercials that achieve results.

Television commercials can be broadcast on TV, the web or screened at events or trade shows.

Video News Release

The video news release enables the dissemination of approved video content to journalists at press conferences or events. This footage can be delivered at the event, or directly to television news services via the wire services or satellite link.

By providing news services with statements, press releases and good quality footage, you maintain some control over the representation of your company in their story. News Editors prefer stories with good pictures, so providing them with this footage can often mean your story has a better chance of getting on air and getting more air time.

It is wise to have footage prepared in advance for any unforeseen events, as well as tailoring specific video footage for planned announcements or press conferences.

We have produced many video new releases for companies around the world.

Music Videos

Redfish Media has been involved in the production and post production of many live concert and music videos.

Artists include: Kylie Minogue, Vika and Linda, David Bridie, Paul Mac, The Dirty Three, Rail, Automatic, Tarmac Adam, Jeff Lang and The Mavis’s.