Hello, from Redfish

Kyle Neaves

With over 17 years experience in media, I have produced many projects for a diverse clientele throughout the world. My documentary films have screened to 54 million households and been translated into 14 languages. I am a specialist in corporate promotional videos, web video and interactive multimedia applications. I’m passionate about quality, creativity and innovation in video production.

Ian Varughese

The difference between acceptable IT business systems and exceptional ones is the intelligence of design and intuitiveness of its implementation. Having designed & built IT systems for small businesses through to $75M government projects, I know that the right IT system increases efficiency and decreases frustration every time. I love the challenge of “impossible” situations, and look forward to showing you how the right IT solution will move you closer to your business goals.

Kandi Revian

Having been involved in online business since the 90’s and in the development of over 100 web businesses it’s been amazing to witness the changes that have taken place in internet technology and know that now almost anything is possible online! I’m passionate about helping you develop your ideas into a functional and profitable online venture that helps you achieve your business goals.

Kristi Welyk

After establishing businesses in a number of different industries, I understand that the most important part of a successful business is listening to customers and delivering results that exceed expectations. I find it very rewarding to see the work that we do at Redfish is helping our clients fulfill their business ambitions and look forward to building long lasting work relationships. I also enjoy lecturing in Multimedia and sharing my passion for this industry with my students.

Marnee Rinaldi

Whether your work is glamorous or not, it’s no excuse to not look great! I believe first impressions count. A great logo, plus quality business card and business materials say you mean business. I’m passionate about creating an identity for your business that really communicates your business persona and objectives and will ensure that all of your marketing materials are both compelling and remain on brand.